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choice of decorative materials---site inspection and measuring---contracting and timing---installation--Follow-Up Services. Read "installation process" for detail.


shenzhen Oriental Dragon Decorative material Co., Ltd predecessor Nanshan District, Shenzhen Oriental Dragon Art rug line at the end of 2013 to restructure the integration from a single business expansion become covered with carpet carpet , rubber flooring , wallpaper, murals , and other indoor artificial turf decoration materials business of the Company. Since its establishment in 2000, the Oriental dragon carpets successfully completed thousands of large and small single carpet pavement engineering , footprints all over the Shenzhen district offices, restaurants, offices, schools , shopping malls, residential real estate, tourist attractions , and radiation Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou , Zhuhai , Zhongshan and other multi- city province , provincial business as far as Fujian, Hunan , Guangxi, Hong Kong and other places, and there were a number of foreign sales records. Ten years, oriental dragon carpet for its quality of service received a community-wide recognition, successfully established a good brand reputation.

The companys competitive advantages :
1 have experience in the service industry, decoration materials ;
(2) has established a good reputation and extensive customer resources ;
3 product coverage from the wall to the ground ( wallpaper, murals , carpet , rubber flooring, artificial turf ) , interior decoration works late one should include a stop fixed up ;
4 The company is located in the heart ─ Nanshan District Nanshan Road , Binhai Avenue intersection of two main roads aspect , convenient transportation, many bus lines pass through , in the construction of Metro Line 11 ( east-west ) and the planned Line 10 ( north-south direction ) at this intersection , the station that is up to the company downstairs ;
5 convenient parking adjacent to the Companys new Green Building and parking are available downstairs ;
6 rich experience in construction workers , construction management emphasis on time and according to the quality of communication and goodwill friendly site with good construction quality assurance ;
7 company is equipped with professional designers , can provide program design and decoration suggestions ;
8 significant price advantage :

tile carpet with antifouling protection is longer in lifespan
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